2013 Winners’ Circle

Elementary School Essay Division

  • Kacie Ossman, Sierra Madre Elementary (Teacher, Ms. Ogron) 1st Place
  • Janelle Johnson, McKinley (Teacher, Mr. Rojos) 2nd Place
  • Victor Hoffman, McKinley (Teacher, Mr. Rojos) 3rd Place

Elementary School Art Division

  • Peter Devletyan, McKinley (Teacher, Ms. Gonzalez) 1st Place
  • Jane Kim, McKinley (Teacher, Ms. Gonzalez) 2nd Place
  • Kate Hanloser, McKinley (Teacher, Ms. Gangi-Hall) 3rd Place

Middle School Essay Division

  • Johanna Dickie, Blair (Teacher, Ms. Laughlin) 1st Place
  • Axel Tanner, Sierra Madre Middle School (Teacher, Ms. Nepf) 2nd Place
  • Jordan Bray, Marshall (Teacher, Ms. Mares) 3rd Place

Middle School Art Division

  • Bethany Chun, Eliot (Teacher, Mr. Moya) 1st Place
  • Nadine Satamian, Marshall (Ms. Mares-Lopez) 2nd Place
  • Maria Munoz, Eliot (Mr. Moya) 3rd Place

High School Essay Division

  • Madeleine Cameron, Peace and Justice Academy (Teacher, Ms. Conley) 1st Place
  • Hyun-Soo Kim, CIS Academy (Teacher, Mr. Quaranta) 2nd Place
  • Patsy Estrada, Blair High School (Teacher, Ms. Anderson) 3rd Place

High School Art Division

  • Miguel Garcia, Blair High School (Teacher, Ms. Martinez)1st Place
  • Cristian Fabian, Blair High School (Teacher, Ms. Martinez) 2nd Place
  • Fernando Vasquez, Blair High School (Teacher, Ms. Martinez) 3rd Place

Congratulations to all winners and all participants!

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