2012 Winners’ Circle

Elementary School Essay Division

  • Andrea de La Torre, Andrew Jackson Elementary – 1st Place
  • Anthony Rodriguez, Don Benito School – 2nd Place
  • Laritza Montelongo, Washington Accelerated School – 3rd Place

Elementary School Art Division

  • Victor Hoffman, McKinley School – 1st Place
  • Lilli Bower, Don Benito School – 2nd Place
  • Candace Mills, Don Benito School – 3rd Place

Middle School Essay Division

  • Reese Proctor,  Sierra Madre School – 1st Place
  • Marissa Langley, Sierra Madre School – 2nd Place
  • Zeke Ogron, Sierra Madre School – 3rd Place

Middle School Art Division

  • Heather MacDougall, Eliot Middle School – 1st Place
  • RonnaMae Pidut, Eliot Middle School – 2nd Place
  • Clairese French, Eliot Middle School – 3rd Place

High School Essay Division

  • Aidyn Cooper, CIS Academy – 1st Place
  • Nancy Mendoza, Blair High School – 2nd Place
  • Matthew Teon, Blair High School – 3rd Place

High School Art Division

  • Jose Carlos Virgen, Blair High School – 1st Place
  • Daniel Rosales, Pasadena High School – 2nd Place
  • Emma Yervandyan, Pasadena High School – 3rd Place

Congratulations to all winners and participants!


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