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  1. Hello.
    I have been in PUSD as a student since 1987-1993 and a secondary educator from
    2002- present. There is a huge uprising of racial tension between latioa and
    Blacks and as a Spanish/English teacher I have not been employed as a fulltime
    Teaher since 2009. I have been rejected for numerous position despite my promising
    Record in teaching because my education places me too high on PUSD’s pay scale therefore I am reaching out to you as I cannot understand the willingness to keep me a
    A longterm substitute teacher 2009-present so as to not hire me fulltime when there racial
    Is so much I have to offer in education to brige racial tension as well as educate

  2. What a beautiful website. I miss all of you on the MLK Coalition and wish I could be there to witness your celebration tomorrow. Thank you, Dr. King for all you did for all of us. You will never be forgotten. Thank you, Dr. David & Dr. Jackie, for all you do to help keep Dr. King’s dream alive. Thank you to all of you on the Coalition, to all the students who participated in the art and essay contest this semester and their parents for encouraging them. Our nation needs its light of peace rekindled now more than ever. Please don’t let the light go out. Love you all forever.

  3. As we look forward to soliciting more dedicated, loyal, hard working volunteers / committee people, and board members for our 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. activities, we need your help if you meet the stated criteria. Our accomplishments over the years have not been by osmosis, but rather by God inspired ideas that resonated into we feel as somewhat of a measure of “success”. Our success begins with our faith in God. We have a great group of people working and sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and most importantly, time to help keep Dr. King’s Dream Alive. WE CAN USE YOUR TALENTS AND IDEAS. Money is secondary.

  4. Is there more information regarding the community service opportunity listed on the website:

    January 13, 2018 – “MLK Day On, Not Off”
    Webster Elementary School 2101 E. Washington Blvd | Pasadena, CA 91104

    Can you let me know more detail – times, tasks, if it is an open opportunity, if there is a registration process, etc. Thanks,

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